Worldwide Asset Cases in Maryland District Court Dismissed

by Sonya Smith-Valentine on October 12, 2012

Maryland’s District Court Chief Judge dismissed 3,168 debt collection cases against Maryland residents.

The Judge’s order follows a settlement and final order in a federal class action against Worldwide Asset Purchasing issued by U.S. District Court. In the federal case, it was alleged that Worldwide was not properly registered or licensed, misstated amounts owed and improperly stated Social Security numbers in state court filings, and filed collection lawsuits after the statute of limitations had expired.

Maryland District Court dismissed the 3,168 cases with prejudice, which means they cannot be re-filed. The order also states that judgments in the cases are marked as “satisfied” and judgment liens are released.

Worldwide Asset Purchasing is a “debt buying” company, which means that it buys debts from the original creditors, usually credit card companies, for a tiny fraction of the amount owed. Debts may be sold to other debt buyers several times, and the documentation to prove the debt is owed sometimes is little more than the person’s name, last known address and Social Security number.

Maryland residents whose cases have been dismissed will receive written notification from the court.

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