Rent-A-Center Arbitration Clause

by Sonya Smith-Valentine on October 1, 2008

Most companies try to include arbitration clauses in their contracts with consumers these days.  Usually the arbitration clause does not provide the option of opting out of arbitration.  Today, I was able to review a Rent-A-Center contract which had an arbitration clause.  It seems that Rent-A-Center gives consumers the option of opting out of the arbitration clause but it requires quick movement on the part of the consumer.  Rent-A-Center’s contract requires the consumer to opt out within 1 week of signing the contract.   However, since most consumers have no idea what arbitration is all about, when they read the arbitration clause and opt out provisions they see no reason to act.  For those of you who do not know what arbitration is, here’s a short description:  If you agree to arbitration it means that any disputes between you and the company will be decided by a third party arbitrator instead of through the court system.  There will not be a judge or a jury deciding your dispute.   So if you are thinking about renting from Rent-A-Center, make sure to read the arbitration clause right away and follow the instructions to opt out immediately.  It may save you lots of time and headache in the future.

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